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Alice Jackman

I was born in Kenya, went to school in Southern Africa, and did a science degree at Cape Town University, South Africa.

I have always loved colour, and the African landscape is one that is full of vivid colours. My paintings attempt to capture my delight at being part of a world that is so beautiful. I took art at school and completed the occasional course while my children were growing up, but I am mostly self taught.

My previous artistic endeavours have included quilts and patchwork, garden design and I have worked as a successful wedding photographer for 20 years. Following a photographic exhibition at our local museum in 2007 entitled Multicultural Trowbridge, I have reframed my creative passion into painting watercolours.

My dream is to be able to trap a moment of beauty bathed in light, so that when the weather is grey, I can look up and be reminded that my world is enchanting. I don't think artists are really making anything new, we are merely trying to capture glimpses of our wild extravagant planet – the work of a much greater Artist.